eBay Sellers Impacted by Tornadoes in Tennessee Will Get Automatic Seller Protection


eBay announced today they are helping sellers preserve their status on eBay that are impacted by the deadly tornadoes in Tennessee.

Due to the severe tornado impact, communication, power, and transportation lines may be disrupted. Some carriers may suspend shipping services.

Sellers who are in the impacted region and who do not have access to their inventory are urged to do one of the following:

  • Communicating with buyers to let them know the situation.
  • End any auctions/taking down any Buy-It-Now listings before they result in a sale.
  • Place store on vacation mode (for eBay Stores subscribers) and extend handling times on all items to when sellers believe they can get back to business.

If a business is in an affected area, eBay will automatically protect the seller’s performance and late shipment rate and valid tracking uploaded rate for eBay Top Rated program.

Also, cancelations will not be impacted, and eBay will remove negative and neutral feedback under these conditions:

  • Seller’s ZIP code has been identified by the major shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx.
  • Tracking data shows shipment was delayed or not delivered due to this tornado event.

eBay Will Automatically Protect Impacted Sellers

Please note: Sellers may see late shipments due to this weather event on their dashboard, but they will be removed before the seller evaluations occur on the 20th of each month.

eBay reassures sellers they need not worry about their eBay seller performance due to delays caused by the tornadoes.

For those in the affected regions, there is no need to contact Customer Service. eBay will automatically protect seller shipping metrics due to this event.

Where you impacted by the tornadoes in Tennessee, and does this gesture by eBay make you feel better about your future with eBay?

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