eBay and Red Pocket Mobile Partner to Offer Prepaid Plans on Smartphone Sales

On eBay, a mobile phone is sold every five minutes in the U.S. alone. Now buyers on the marketplace can add wireless service to their purchase through prepaid wireless provider Red Pocket Mobile.

eBay’s wireless partner, Red Pocket Mobile, is the only wireless brand that offers service on all the major US cell networks, and the company says it does so at a fraction of the regular cost.

“Red Pocket Mobile is the natural partner for us to launch our add-on wireless plan. Because Red Pocket works on all of America’s major networks, their service can apply to virtually all of the millions of phones sold on eBay.”

David Grim, Category Manager at eBay

Red Pocket Mobile says the average American spends $80 monthly on their cell phone bill. But on Red Pocket’s most popular plan is just $30 per month.

That plan provides 5GB of LTE data plus unlimited data at slower speeds, along with unlimited talk, text, and international calling to over 70 countries.

With the average mobile user in America consuming between 2GB to 5GB of cellular data every month, the discount plan offered by Red Pocket might be enough for many users.

And for the occasional user, Red Pocket’s Basic Plan on eBay even provides 100 minutes, 100 texts and 500MB of LTE data on any major network for just $5 per month.

“eBay’s introduction of a wireless plan add-on can change how Americans get their cell phone service. More and more people are realizing that the best way to save money on wireless is to buy not just your phone on eBay, but your service plan too.”

Joshua Gordon, President & CEO of Red Pocket Mobile

Wireless Plans to Boost Smartphone Sales

The availability of this partnership may give sales of lower-priced phone models a boost on eBay.

While buyers may have many other wireless options, this allows buyers to combine a phone sale with a prepaid wireless plan on eBay.

Therefore, this partnership should make eBay to better compete with other prepaid service providers that only provide a few phone products.

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