eBay Reassures Sellers About USPS Shipping Delays

U.S. Postal Service Building In Rural Setting

The U.S Postal Service continues to be strained as delivery and scan delays persist. eBay is addressing this problem by offering seller protections because of events outside the seller’s control.

Handling Time

eBay is automatically extending estimated delivery dates as necessary to give buyers a more reasonable expectation of when their items will arrive.

The company recommends that sellers don’t extend handling times on listings. eBay’s extended estimates should provide enough buffer to cover shipping delays, and additional handling days could lead to the appearance of items shipping slower than they actually are. 

Seller Protections

Last month, eBay announced seller protections against shipping defects through August 31, and the company will continue to extend these protections as long as strains on carriers affect delivery dates.

“Item not received” Cases

If a buyer opens an “item not received” case, and the seller provided valid tracking and shipped the item within the promised handling time, eBay will wait to evaluate the case until after the extended estimated delivery date.

The company recognizes that sellers will have uploaded valid tracking and met their handling time commitments. This means sellers will still qualify as a Top Rated Seller in most cases.

If the item shows up late because of a carrier delay, eBay will remove the shipping defect for late shipment. However, if the item is delivered after the extended estimated delivery date, eBay will only remove shipping-related negative or neutral feedback.

eBay said it is continually monitoring shipping developments and USPS delays. The company also confirmed it is working on other affordable, more reliable delivery options for sellers in the coming weeks that may help with the U.S. Postal Service situation.

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