eBay Partners With BULQ To Help Sellers Source Inventory


eBay has partnered with BULQ to help sellers find and list more inventory on the marketplace.

BULQ obtains mostly liquidated inventory from major retailers and brands which can include overstock, discontinued items, and returned items. The condition of the merchandise may vary but is disclosed for every lot.

With BULQ on eBay, sellers have access to inventory across a range of categories, priced at different levels to accommodate a variety of budgets, and the ability to generate eBay listings with prefilled product data.

“We created BULQ to solve an inventory problem for retailers and the environment by connecting their returned and excess goods to the many micro-entrepreneurs looking to make a better living as resellers,” said Tobin Moore, CEO of Optoro (Optoro is the parent company of BULQ) 

To get started with this exclusive collaboration, eBay has published a guide for its sellers to learn how to make the most of this new partnership.

eBay and BULQ Collaboration Makes Retail Arbitrage Easier

There is a cottage industry of eBay sellers that search out local stores for deals on close-outs, discontinued items, and returned items that they will then list on eBay for sale.

Before major retailers send items to companies like BULQ, they often try to first discount the products in-store for quick sale before sending them back to their distribution warehouse.

While “retail arbitrage” sellers have been around on eBay since the early days of the platform, with an ever-growing number of returns received through online operations by major retailers, there is a large inventory of products that never make the discount shelf at the local store.

Also, retailer distribution centers are full of overstock and extra stock items that need to be disposed of to make room for new merchandise.

Large scale liquidators like BULQ purchase inventory from brands and retailers at “truckload” levels and divide it up into lots for wholesale resale.

This provides an opportunity for eBay sellers to obtain major brand products without spending hours and hours going from one retailer to another searching through discontinued and returned items.

“Now more than ever, simple and effective ecommerce solutions are essential for businesses of all sizes to grow and thrive. We’re excited by this opportunity with BULQ and look forward to providing this resale experience so our seller community can continue to flourish in today’s global marketplace,” said Marni Levine, Vice President of Seller Operations and Engagement at eBay.

Ultimately, the data BULQ provides for each lot should reduce research and listing time on eBay to improve workflow and productivity and increase sales and profits.

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