eBay Partner Network extends the time before affiliates are paid

eBay Partner Network

eBay partners or affiliate marketers received an email from the eBay Partner Network (EPN) team that it is changing the payment cycles for eligible sales.

Currently, eBay partners receive payments for referred sales on or about the 22nd of every month for the month prior.

Starting in October, eBay is changing the payment cycle to on or about the 10th for the month before the month prior. For example, January earnings would have been paid on or around February 22, and now will be paid on March 10.

This change in the payment cycle will result in eBay Partner Network affiliates not receiving payment in September for August sales.

EPN payment dates for 2019

  • August 22 Partners paid for July activity (no change)
  • October 10 Partners paid for August activity (new date)
  • November 11 Partners paid for September activity (new date)
  • December 10 Partners paid out for October activity (new date)

eBay says the October 10 payment will be uploaded as a “bonus” as the company is transitioning to the new payment cycle. The amount paid will remain the same.

eBay already announced more changes are coming to the eBay Partner Network program later in the year.

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