More eBay Millionaires Coming from The UK & EU

Image: Adobe Stock | eBay Riches
Image: Adobe Stock | eBay Riches

It goes without saying that eCommerce is growing, and with that many sellers are also making profit from it.

On eBay, millionaire sellers have grown by nearly 50 percent in the last four years. That is especially true in both the UK and Germany.

Making eBay Millionaires

In Germany those millionaire sellers have grown to 1,095, up from 731.

In the UK it has grown to 663 from 443.

The combined revenue from both countries already makes up 30 percent of the total revenue of $9 billion made by eBay last year. For Europe, the third largest country for eBay would be Italy where millionaire sellers rose to 93, up from 60.

Seeing an increase of 30% in Italy as well for a market which is much smaller in comparison.

Asia is also seeing a rise in eCommerce growth with the use of mobile phones and tablets and it being opened up to more and more people.

eCommerce is seen only to go up as more people have access to the internet and more people are becoming more comfortable in trading online.

The affects of these things have led to more eBay millionaires being made.  More people than ever before who have turned eBay into a hobby into a business into a 7 figure business.

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