eBay Listing Service inkFrog Discontinues Free Accounts to Focus on Advanced Features

Last week, inkFrog sent an email to existing users of its limited free service that they are discontinuing the free tier to those that still had access to it.

A while ago the company stopped accepting users in the free program, which served as an introduction to the company’s listing, inventory, and shipping management tools.

For years even occasional sellers who only listed a few items found inkFrog’s listing service useful as it is was more intuitive and easier to use than eBay’s own listing tool

However, over the last few years eBay improved its core listing tool making inkFrog’s basic free tier a bit redundant. It really wasn’t indicative any longer of the advanced platform inkFrog had become.

Instead, inkFrog decided it was time to transition from offering a free and limited tier service to providing a full preview of its platform using a 30-day free trial model.

“Until now we have offered a free plan to users where they could manage 10 listings and have limited access to several features on the inkFrog platform. As much as we want to keep that service going, we are unable to at this time.

So we made the decision to switch over to a 30-day trial, all users on the free plan have 30 days to continue using inkFrog and any new users will have the same. After that they will need to decide if they want to upgrade to a paid plan or their inkFrog account will close.”

Chris Little, inkFrog Spokesperson

Not Just an eBay Lister Anymore

inkFrog has grown up to be more than just an eBay lister. The company now offers store connectors to Shopify, Amazon, and BigCommerce to handle inventory and manage the sales process.

This is in addition to a new integration with discount shipping service ShipSaver.com to give its users some of the best discounted rates available.

And for the future, inkFrog will expand into analytics, adding advanced data reporting and sales analysis tools.

Andrew Sukow, a co-founder at Terapeak (acquired by eBay in 2017), recently joined the company bringing his years of analytics experience to the inkFrog platform.

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With all the new features and advances to move the platform, inkFrog will focus on supporting existing customers and building new tools to help those customers grow their business.

The new 30-day free trial should help new customers learn more about what inkFrog can do for them than the limited basic listing only tier could.

inkFrog did say they would offer a discount to existing free tier customer if they chose to move to a paid plan.

What is your thought about inkFrog transitioning from offering a free tier to a 30-day trial? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.


  1. Inkfrog hooked us with free service, then 3 years ago they started charging $27 was a good price to sync our ebay accounts and build decent templates. Yesterday they locked us out of our account. We could not make changes to listings or add/delete anything. They directed us to a plan upgrade page. The new price for us is $149 per month! Wow this is a substantial (400% increase) and this company will be putting themselves out of business with this price! There is nothing special about inkfrog and I have often wondered if it was worth the $27/ month quite honestly. The worst part about this is they will not honor the 6 days left we have paid for in our current month. They just woke up yesterday and decided to change the rules on us- no warning at all! If you ask me, this is a dishonest way to treat your customers that have been around for years. They will be out of business within the year


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