eBay Launches New Buy Again Feature to Help Buyers Repurchase Products

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eBay has launched a new feature to make it easier for buyers to repurchase favorite items with a new Buy Again button.

“People come to eBay to get their favorite items from their favorite sellers. The strength of eBay’s marketplace relies on connecting sellers and their listings with buyers. Our customers have shown us they repurchase the same listings across all categories on the site. Whether it’s buying everyday essentials or business and industrial items, they trust the people they have bought from and the items they have received before.”


Asheem Sinha, Senior Product Manager at eBay

Until now it wasn’t easy for buyers to find the same item page again to make a repurchase. eBay says that this was in large part because they have over 1.4 billion listings sold by millions of sellers.

Now, buyers can go to their My eBay > Purchases page on iOS or to the eBay hamburger menu on Android, scroll through a list of their purchases and the buyer will see a Buy Again button. This button allows them to quickly purchase that item again from the same seller that they have purchased from before.

eBay Buy Again Mobile Flow iPhone

Another New Feature is “Buy Similar” Button

Sometimes the same item may not be available from the same seller. In this case, the buyer can use the new Buy Similiar button to find the same or similar item through eBay’s search algorithms which surface similar inventory, using the purchase title.

Buyers will then be presented with either the same product from a different seller, the same product in a different variant (such as color) or a similar product from the same brand.

eBay Buy Again Mobile Flow Android

Seamless Experience for Buyers, Sellers

“For buyers, our goal is to provide a seamless experience to help discover relevant items to repurchase and for sellers, this is another feature that brings return buyers back to your eBay listings,” explains Sinha.

The Buy Again button is now available in all territories in Purchase history on eBay’s native apps for iOS and Android.

eBay is also testing a dedicated repurchase experience via a Buy Again page, which will make it easier for buyers to find the items that they’d like to purchase again in one place.

What do you think about this new feature from eBay to help buyers buy again products they purchased before?

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  1. I’ve sold over 100000 items on Ebay… but EBAY never listens….

    I’ve always said EBAY should offer a (LAST CALL OFFER) or (BLIND OFFER) button on every Ebay item …

    Let me explain:- The EBAY seller would have to be willing to let the item go for minimum discount of at least (25% to 50%) off the price it had posted the item.

    This would only be applicable at the last, last minute of the (AUCTION) or (BUY IT NOW) item… if it sold before on buy it now or had the right auction offer before reaching the end , well too bad!

    Just like a closed envelope auction the highest bidder wins the item at the end… and only at the end EBAY would divulge the results… If the “SELLER” offered it and if the “BUYER” was the highest bidder and who bid on the item.

    You could never see the offers or the amount of the offers… If no one placed an offer on that Ebay item, it would not be divulged, only at the end it would be divulged if the EBAY seller had offered a (LAST CALL OFFER) on that specific Ebay item!

    This is only at the last minute… the catch is that nobody besides EBAY would know if the EBAY SELLER did offers the (LAST CALL OFFER) or (BLIND OFFER) item.

    On Ebay from the beginning every posted EBAY item would offer that click button (LAST CALL OFFER) or (BLIND OFFER)…

    This would stimulate interest and create suspense and enthusiasm among EBAY BUYERS!

    Thanks You for letting me submit my ideas and lets all make Ebay a better place for SELLERS & BUYERS…


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