eBay Launches Dark Mode on IOS and Android Mobile Apps

eBay Dark Mode

eBay has launched Dark Mode on its eBay native devices. Dark Mode is designed to ease the shopping experience, honor device settings, create more accessibility and provide best-in-class service to customers.

The online marketplace is now one of the first ecommerce companies to launch Dark Mode on iOS and Dark Theme on Android and it said that Dark Mode was one of the most requested feature updates from users.

The reason to implement Dark Mode on mobile devices is to reduce eye strain and enhance engagement with the app. When eye strain is prolonged throughout the entire day and into the night, sleep patterns, focus and overall health can be negatively impacted.

By implementing a color scheme with light-colored text, icons and graphical user interface elements on a dark background, Dark Mode allows for a comfortable viewing experience that’s easy on the eyes.

Meeting all contrast guidelines and standards, Dark Mode also helps customers with light sensitivities and visual impairments navigate the app. As an added benefit, Dark Mode saves battery life due to low power usage.

eBay Dark Mode = Longer Shopping Sessions?

While eBay didn’t highlight the possibility of longer shopping sessions, eBay did say they will evaluate app analytics to learn how customers are using Dark Mode.

Furthermore, eBay will garner feedback from users across multiple communication channels to continue to improve the native app experience.

To learn more about eBay’s new Dark Mode, here is the tech post on eBay’s corporate site.

The feature is currently rolling out to eBay users in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia, and will expand to all other regions in July.

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