eBay Launches ‘Always Open on eBay’ Program for U.S. Retailers

Some eBay sellers started out from a physical store looking to improve sales by selling products online. But, these businesses often operated with little cross-marketing between the two.

eBay wants to change that by bringing more physical retailers to the platform. The company designed co-branded promotional materials to help retailers drive more business to their eBay store.

Some promotional materials include the retailer’s store name on eBay with a link and QR code. The QR code can be be accessed through the mobile eBay app.

Retailers can hang the promotional material in their store windows and shoppers can scan the QR code even after hours.

Standard eBay fees apply for participating Always Open on eBay retailers. Besides the free promotional materials, eBay has a landing page for participating retailers. And the company has support staff assigned to help retailers in the program.

“We’re sharply focused on helping our sellers solve their most pressing challenges. We believe that Always Open is one way we can further enable our seller community and drive incremental traffic and sales to their businesses on eBay.”

Bob Kupbens, eBay VP of Global Trust and Seller Experience

Easy eCommerce for Retailers Struggling to Keep Foot Traffic?

Going on a marketplace such as eBay may be the easiest way for micro-retailers to ring up additional sales. And this new Always Open on eBay program may just be the way to do it.

The product listing process has been so simplified that almost anyone can list an item on eBay using the build in tools. And with today’s high quality cameras on smartphones, taking pictures is a snap.

Some small retailers already are doing both. And they see the co-branding of the eBay store in their retail store as another opportunity to remind customers they are open 24/7 online.

“I’ve been an eBay seller for almost a decade, and it’s great that I can co-brand my store with eBay and drive additional sales. Our store has definitely experienced a decline in customers coming through our door in recent years. Partnering with eBay has made the difference between us just surviving and us actually prospering as a business.”

Brad Woehl, owner of San Francisco-based American Cyclery

Always Open on eBay has launched with 30 retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York. Retailers interested in joining the program can go to eBay’s Always Open page for more information.

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