eBay Introduces Simplified Pricing Options for Motorcycles

Starting in November 2019, listing vehicles in Motorcycles in eBay Motors will be faster and easier with simplified package pricing.

If sellers list six or fewer vehicles during a calendar year, they will have the ability to select from three pricing options that include bundles of assorted features for auction and fixed price listings.

eBay Motorcycle Bundles

Simplified pricing options will include listing upgrade features (such as the reserve price and gallery plus features in the Premium option) in an all-inclusive fee.

Simplified Pricing Option for High Volume Vehicles Sellers

Also starting in November 2019, high volume sellers (i.e., sellers who list more than six vehicles during a calendar year) listing in the Motorcycles category may purchase the Premium option for $95 for auction and fixed price listings.

The $95 Premium option fee will include the insertion fee plus feature upgrades displayed below.

eBay Motorcycle High Volume Sellers

The Premium package option will be available to high volume vehicle sellers in the Motorcycle category for both auction and fixed price listing formats.

What do you think about eBay’s new Motorcycle bundle pricing?

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