eBay Introduces QR Codes For Its Shipping Labels

eBay QR Codes Shipping Labels
Source: eBay

Earlier this fall, eBay launched a new QR Codes feature that allowed users to print shipping labels at a participating post office or shipping retailer.

Instead of printing the label at home, sellers can now generate a QR Code through the eBay Shipping Labels feature and receive the code via email.

Once at the post office or shipping retailer, the seller shows the QR code to the clerk, who will then be able to print a shipping label on the seller’s behalf.

This feature is especially useful for occasional sellers or sellers just starting out on eBay who do not have a printer or label printer at home. In addition, it allows smaller sellers to look established with a professional shipping label, especially if combined by using eBay branded shipping supplies.

The feature is now live for all users in the US for U.S. Postal Service domestic shipping labels using the mobile or desktop eBay web experience. The company is planning to roll out the feature to include other shipping carriers and to global markets.

eBay published a tech blog about the new QR code generated labels which explains the feature in more detail.

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