eBay Closing Half.com as of August 31, 2017

Image: Half.com | Front Page
Image: Half.com | Front Page

eBay notified sellers on Friday that it would be closing Half.com effective August 31, 2017. The company stated in the email returns would continue to be processed until October 31.

Sellers are directed to the eBay Seller Center to learn how to use the eBay platform to grow their business.

The email is short and sweet and really doesn’t say explain why eBay is shutting down the service. eBay did not send out a press release or other general announcement on this closing.


The company was established in 1999 by Josh Kopelman and Sunny Balijepalli. Just one year into its existence, eBay snapped it up for $350 million as a bid to compete with Amazon.com’s book, CD, movie and textbook business.

It was always thought that Half.com would eventually be integrated into eBay, but the used textbook and CD market kept the Half.com site running.

In November 2016, eBay dramatically increased final value fees, some from 15% to 25% on lower priced items. These rate increases were seen by many sellers as the first hint that eBay wanted to shed the marketplace and integrate its operation into eBay.com.

Even the front page looks like it was stuck in time, so the closing of Half.com should not be a surprise to anyone. It was time.

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