eBay changes shipping options displayed to buyers

ebay shipping update

eBay announced on Monday that it’s removing some shipping options shown to buyers on listing pages in order to improve their buying experience.

Although we’re already in the month of June, the eCommerce company confusingly said that the new shipping options, which will only apply to ship-to-home services, will take effect on May 28.

“We are improving the buying experience on eBay as of May 28 on listing pages and in checkout. Until recently, shipping options outlined for the buyer did not always promote the best value. eBay will now only show the most cost effective shipping services for a given delivery speed, hiding higher priced options.” – eBay

The company further explained that the first shipping option a seller designates will always be shown on the listing and in search results and will never be removed.

eBay’s announcement came with a screenshot showing a list of shipping options currently available to buyers and what will be available to them after the change has been implemented. The screenshot is copied below for your reference.

ebay shipping changes

eBay urges sellers to offer free shipping

An hour and a half before announcing the change that it’s making to the shipping options, eBay was egging sellers on offering free shipping in a separate announcement.

The company released the following statement:

“As more customers hunt for free shipping when they shop, companies are racing to keep up. In 2018 alone, 88.5% of online orders shipped free. And when compared with other drivers, consumers will still opt for free shipping—even with a slower delivery time. By offering it to your customers, you’re giving them a major incentive to buy from you vs. somewhere else.”

Aware that offering free shipping may be challenging to some sellers cost-wise, eBay suggested that they start with a few items or set a threshold so that only orders that exceed a certain dollar amount can qualify for this type of shipping service.

How do you think eBay’s limiting of shipping options will benefit its customers? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join our Facebook Group.

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