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eBay CEO Sees Voice Search as The Future of eCommerce

Voice technology is getting used more often. Already some companies like Google and Amazon are using it for search. Soon more online shopping channels will have voice search increasing its popularity amongst customers.

This is how Devin Wenig, CEO of eBay, sees online shopping changing in the short term. It will make online shopping even more personal than it is now. Add to that, personal preferences will also be shown as online search and shopping become more intelligent as well.

“It’s moving from text to images and voice,” Wenig has said. He also sees that people won’t always be on Google or Amazon, but that there would be many other options with where and how people will search and shop online.

Voice Commerce Competition Hotting Up

This is already happening, as retailers such as Walmart and Target are also making their online presence known. Currently both are in partnership with Google.

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Shopping by using the voice would make searches faster and more seamless. It would become much smoother, as there won’t be much need for texting or manually inputting words. Voice search and activation would make it all much faster now.

It can have its drawbacks though. Searching for more specific items might still take a long time. This is true when the search is all about clothes, as it requires much more than the mere type to search for it. A shopper may still have to go through different types of clothes while searching.

People though are slowly getting used to the idea. Consulting group Capgemini has made a survey and found that 26 percent of its respondents would prefer having a voice assistant.

More people will likely choose this option within three years. As technology becomes even more refined, more people would prefer for a more fluid and fast online shopping experience.

Will voice search and shopping be the next wave for online shopping? Comment in the section below.

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