eBay Bans Protective Masks and Sanitizing Products

eBay Earnings Report Fourth Quarter and Full 2019

eBay issued a notice today that due to regulatory restrictions across the United States, the company has chosen to ban certain items listed on its site.

Effective immediately, eBay will block new listings and start to remove listings that sell:

  • Masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks
  • Hand Sanitizer/Gel
  • Disinfecting Wipes

eBay said it will continue to monitor the evolving situation and quickly remove any listing that mentions COVID-19, coronavirus, 2019nCoV (except books) in the title or description.

These listings may violate applicable US laws or regulations, eBay policies, and exhibit unfair pricing behavior for its buyers.

To learn more about the eBay policies, eBay suggests sellers read the three most relevant policies on this topic: Prescription and over-the-counter drugs policy, Disaster and Tragedy policy, Search manipulation policy.

This policy builds on a notice eBay posted last week reminding sellers not to take advantage of the health crisis by offering products at inflated prices or that make dubious health claims.

Unfortunately, it seems not enough sellers followed that suggestion and now eBay is taking more drastic measures that will hurt legitimate sellers of these products.

What do you think about how eBay is cracking down on abusive selling practices in regard to the Coronavirus health crisis?

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