eBay Adds Minnesota to States for Which It Will Collect Sales Tax

eBay Sales Tax Update

eBay announced today that starting January 1, 2019, the marketplace will start collection sales tax for shipments from remote sellers (out-of-state sellers) going to residents in Minnesota.

Minnesota sellers will continue to be responsible for adhering to sales tax collection laws as they apply to in-state orders.

This now marks the fourth state with a marketplace law that eBay will collect sales tax for.

As of today, eBay’s list of states and starting dates for calculating, collecting, and remitting sales tax for applicable orders shipped to buyers in those states are:

  • Washington — starting January 1, 2019
  • Minnesota — starting January 1, 2019
  • Pennsylvania — starting July 1, 2019
  • Oklahoma — starting July 1, 2019

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eBay also is reminding sellers that there are not fees associated with this service and that seller may be required to collect sales tax on orders going to those states before to the effective dates mentioned.

Sellers may wish to contact their tax advisor for more information. Avalara and TaxJar are two companies that also provide sales tax services to sellers for a fee.

Additional states may be added at a later time to this list as state legislatures continue to review the June 2018 Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.

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