DHL Holds Fashion Show at Leipzig Hub to Showcase Fashion Logistics

Source: DHL

This week DHL presented a fashion collection from designer label VETEMENTS at the DHL hub located at Leipzig airport.

Shirts, skirts, caps, and socks ruled the runway (DHL sorting platform) as VETEMENTS played with contemporary elements inspired by DHL uniforms worn by employees around the world.

The show and collection titled “VETEMENTS x DHL Capsule Collection” was part of a fun promotional effort to showcase how DHL works with designers, fashion councils, and fashion weeks to offer tailored logistics solutions.

In October 2017, DHL and CFDA released a study about the primary challenges and areas of focus for various supply chains in the fashion industry.

The study entitled The Human-Centered Supply Chain was used to develop a guide called Designer’s Playbook which was intended to provide advice to promising designers establishing their own companies.

“As the logistics partner of the international fashion industry, we are also an important driver of global trade.”

Ralph Wondrack., DHL head of Operations Leipzig Hub

Logistic Industry’s Role in The Fashion Industry

DHL continues to work closely with several fashion industry associations such as the British Fashion Council (BFC), Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), and the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana (CNMI).

DHL has also worked with several fashion weeks events such as Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, London Fashion Week, and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in Moscow and Sydney.

The Human-Centered Supply Chain study puts the designers at the center of supply chain operations and empowering them to build their networks to increase their growth potential.

According to in-house blog DHL in Motion, the human-centered supply chain profits partners across traditional supply chains steps by focusing on relationship building and connecting partners across various steps to increase operational flexibility.

DHL’s fashion logistics aims to help fashion creators thrive in the industry and grow.

As many designers are SMEs that have to solve global production and warehousing challenges, a partner like DHL with a track record in the industry, can help fashion industry SMEs streamline their operations.

“Our fashion logistics help fashion creators establish themselves on the market and grow – starting with production of their collection, through transport to fashion shows to e-commerce and delivery of stock to boutiques.”

Arjan Sissing, head of Global Brand Marketing at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

The logistics company also offers time-definite express deliveries, warehouse logistics, and even value-added services within the specially designed garment and fashion centers.

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