Companies’ Rate of Response on social media Affects Their Brand

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Sprout Social conducted a study to further understand the disengagement between customer expectations and brand realities and what part that gap plays in three different aspects: customer retention, loyalty, and publicity.

The company surveyed at least a thousand respondents on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about their expectations for reaching out to brands on social media.

According to the survey, the average person perceives social media much differently than a regular brand. Although brands view social media sites as broadcast outlets for their promotional content, consumers see these channels to communicate with various brands.

At least 90 percent of the respondents have used social media to communicate directly with a brand, surpassing both phone and email as the first means of communication. There is also an increase in messages needing a response by at least 18 percent for the past year.

Missed opportunity can have an effect

Companies should start seeing social media as a highway. People travel from different directions with varying degrees of urgency. Unfortunately, most brands see it differently.

• 73% of people have had an undesirable experience with a brand on social.
• 36% of people have used social media to shame a company for poor customer service.
• 30% of people will go to the competitor if a brand doesn’t respond.

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However, things would turn out differently if the brand responds or reaches out to them on social media:

• 70% of people are more likely to use a brand’s product or service.
• 65% of people have more brand loyalty.
• 25% of people are less likely to go to a competitor.
• 25% of people are less likely to post negative things about the brand, product or service.
• 75% of people are likely to share a good experience on their own profile.

People nowadays expect more interaction and information from consumer goods/services through responses, relevant industry news, and promotional ad campaigns.

This gives the industry a huge space to learn more. However, the industry only responds to at least 12.9 percent of the consumers’ responses.

Do you also expect the same thing from certain brands? Tell us how you feel down below.

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  1. Good one, Dave.

    I agree with you that social media is now a go-to place for contacting with the brands. Also, the businesses without the social media presence are considered to be not consumer centric which will eventually hurt any business.


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