ClearSale Updates Shopify App to Give Merchants Better Payment Fraud Protection

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International fraud protection solution ClearSale announced updates to its integration with Shopify, now as a public app.

The public app ensures that the ClearSale app has been through the Shopify review process and provides ecommerce merchants protection from fraud, chargebacks and false positive declines.

The update to the application is timely, with reports suggesting that U.S. retailers have seen as much as a 68% year-over-year growth in online sales as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic protections.

With a surge of first-time ecommerce customers and extreme changes in volume, velocity and personal information data to verify, the buyer profile that algorithms have relied on for so long is no longer of use.

This new situation leaves most solutions struggling to adjust with not enough data to adapt, resulting in them declining legitimate sales.

ClearSale’s large global in-house team of analysts ensures that no order is ever declined without a fraud expert looking into the risky order and safeguarding the decision to accept or decline. This gives ClearSale’s customers the lowest false decline rates in the industry.

“Our app was already helping Shopify merchants protect their transactions from fraud and chargebacks. Now, as a public app, merchants who are experiencing a significant increase in online sales will have even easier access to ClearSale’s combination of advanced AI-tools and human expertise. With a few clicks, retailers can prevent fraud while protecting their revenue.”

Rafael Lourenco, Executive Vice President at ClearSale

ClearSale Updated App Now Available in Shopify App Store

The public app, available to download for free from the Shopify App Store, requires minimal technical knowledge to add to an existing Shopify implementation.

The addition of ClearSale to an online store gives ecommerce merchants access to card-not-present fraud protection with the industry’s highest number of order approvals and lowest rate of false declines.

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