How Chat Bots can Help Your Holiday Shopping Experience

These days, many shoppers are taking their shopping online. eCommerce has grown by 17.8 percent and the trend will only grow in the coming years. This would prove to be a challenge for the people involved, both shoppers and sellers alike, as more people find online shopping this holiday season.

Many online stores don’t leave much of a mobile shopping experience for shoppers. A few like Amazon though use artificial intelligence and chat bots to provide a much better shopping experience.

The rise of Chat Bots

Chat bots are software that are designed to interact with customers. They can help improve customer experience in a number of ways. One of those is by a more personalized product recommendations. They can also be used to ask shoppers about their preferences, and then come up with a list of products that are suited based on a customer’s preference.

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Not only can chat bots personalize product recommendations, but they can also tailor their responses to how customers interact with them. This makes for a more personalized shopping experience then.

This is one of the implementations of artificial intelligence which has had a significant impact recently on eCommerce and shows no signs of slowing down.

Chat bots can also drive more store traffic. As customers get a more personalized shopping experience, this can have an effect wherein more store traffic is generated.

It’s not only traffic to online stores that benefit. Even physical stores benefit, as chat bots can tailor responses encouraging people to check out the physical stores as well for new products.

With a more personalized experience, this then leads to more loyalty post-purchase. Customers who have enjoyed their experience will likely come back more often, so customer loyalty grows in the process.

Bots can help as well in fulfilling or taking in customer service requests. This is another great way to add to the customer experience. Chat bots can then really help out in adding to the overall value of customer experience.

They can man the Customer Service desk out of office hours to ensure that a customer still feels they are being listened to.

As the holidays come in, are chat bots something that you will be experimenting with in your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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