ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2018 – Francois Saugier – VP Amazon EU Marketplace

Francois Catalyst

I am attending ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Europe today in London and will be posting notes from the conference throughout the day.

Francois Saugier, Vice President for Amazon EU Marketplaces, takes the stage with the screen behind him showing a massive quote from Jeff Bezos:

“Start with the customer and work backwards”

Amazon launched in 2000 and now has 11 marketplaces with over 50% of all items sold being fulfilled by 3rd party sellers.

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Amazon Inventing For Customers

Francois states that Amazon has been inventing products for its customers including the one button checkout, the Amazon dash button, the Echo devices and perhaps most importantly Amazon Prime.

Francois makes the statement that he recently moved to a city which does not have Amazon Prime Now yet and he feels the pain as he has lost the convenience he was used to.

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Amazon Inventing For Businesses

The focus has now switched to the businesses that use Amazon and how Amazon has been inventing services for Amazon sellers.

This includes Fulfilment by Amazon, Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Web Services, Handmade at Amazon and Amazon Launchpad.

He makes the point it would have been very easy for Amazon to keep some of these tools and services for their own use. But by opening them up to their 3rd party sellers, it helped more customers gain access to a better shopping experience.

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The Amazon Effect

There are now over 20,000 UK sellers on Amazon that do over £1 Million in turnover a year.

There have been over 900,000 jobs created as a direct result of Amazon sales.

Amazon flywheel

Francois has now ended his keynote with the famous Amazon Flywheel that Jeff Bezos famously sketched on a napkin to explain the key to how he saw Amazon’s success in the early days, and this remains at the heart of Amazon today.

Perhaps worryingly Francois has stated that they are still at Day 1 in terms of where Amazon see themselves.

This is inspiring looking at how much they have already accomplished, however, what does this mean for the future and where Amazon see Day 2? World Domination?


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