ChannelAdvisor Among APAC’s Top 10 Ecommerce Solution Providers

ChannelAdvisor Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based ecommerce solutions that enable brands and retailers to increase global sales, has been recognized as one of the leading companies providing ecommerce solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by CIO Advisor. Helping brands and retailers grow is a major focus for ChannelAdvisor and we are thrilled with the results we are achieving on behalf of our clients who rely on our support to compete and win.” – Simon Clarkson, ChannelAdvisor Managing Director, APAC

ChannelAdvisor’s proven track record of helping brands and retailers continuously strengthen their online performance, according to Selena James, managing editor of CIO Advisor.

channel advisor
Source: ChannelAdvisor

She added that the company has been at the forefront of the ecommerce space since 2001, helping leading brands and retailers worldwide expand their sales channels, optimize their operations for peak performance, and attain actionable analytics to improve competitiveness through its innovative ecommerce platform.

Guiding Brands With Technological Advancements

For ChannelAdvisor, it’s about driving the best return on investment for its clients.

Aside from helping brands and retailers drive revenue, the ecommerce company helps them minimize operational overhead required to do it.

ChannelAdvisor recognizes that a fundamental component of attracting and retaining consumers is ensuring they have the best experience online, wherever or however they’re shopping.

Technological advancements, as pointed out by CIO Advisor APAC, are driving the ecommerce market, transforming ecommerce into an immersive 360-degree experience for the consumer.

ChannelAdvisor believes that there is an amazing opportunity to engage digitally-savvy online consumers through online channels like marketplaces, social media and other digital marketing platforms, and that it can unleash this potential for brands and retailers.

What do you think of ChannelAdvisor’s inclusion in APAC’s top 10 ecommerce solution providers?

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