Augmented and Virtual Reality Products to Reach $17.8 Billion in 2018

virtual reality

Sales on augmented and virtual reality are expected to reach $17.8 billion in 2018, exceeding the $9.1billion quota set by the International Data Corporation for this year. The most recent update to the Worldwide Semiannual Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide also shows that the global increase in spending will continuously grow at the same […]

Apple Acquires Vrvana

Apple Vrvana

Augmented reality is the next big thing when it comes to technology and entertainment. Apple has been working on it, and has stepped up by acquiring augmented reality headset maker Vrvana. With this, Apple looks poised to bring augmented reality headsets to the world by 2020. Vrvana has already created the Totem headset. While that […]

Mobile-Assisted Employees Increase Sales Customer Satisfaction


Traditional retailers are hoping that their in-store strategies will help them attract a greater share of customer sales just in time for the holiday shopping season and Black Friday. However, consumers believe that a knowledgeable sales associate can make a difference between leaving the store frustrated or delighted with their overall experience. “The massive competition […]

AR Eyewear Might Be Next for Augmented Reality

ar eyewear glasses

Augmented reality has made smartphones enjoyable. With it, people can now play games that have it and even add virtual designs on photos. As the technology gets even wider use, the next step seems to be logical: AR Eyewear. Two companies have already invested much on AR. One is Apple with its ARKit. Then there’s […]

Augmented Reality And How It Can Affect The Market

Augmented Reality eCommerce

Augmented Reality should be familiar to you by now. After the success of “Pokemon Go,” many people have become familiar with it. Augmented reality though has been around for quite sometime now, though its use has increased massively over recent years. Essentially, augmented reality is easy to use. All it needs is a smartphone’s camera […]

The Apple Event 2017 Summary – One More Thing iPhone X

Image: Apple | Iphone X

Last week I wrote a story how innovation had truly been lacking at Apple in recent years. I mentioned how perhaps more than ever Apple needed that famous Steve Jobs “One More Thing”. So as I write this article right now I have a screen open watching the Apple Event live. Let’s take a look […]

What Apple needs now more than ever ‘One more thing’

apple HQ

In the world of technology and eCommerce innovation leads the way.  It is very much an innovate or die arena that we now find ourselves in. Amazon are without doubt a great example of a business which truly innovates throughout the entire business.  However in recent years perhaps one of the greatest innovators has fallen […]

ARCore: The New Augmented Reality Experience For Android

Image: Google Video | Created by Michael Brower with friends at Google Creative Lab

Augmented reality has been given a huge boost ever since the popular hype of “Pokemon Go” last year. Many then observed that augmented reality might be coming to mobile phones in other formats too. While “Pokemon Go” might have slipped a little in popularity, there is no doubt that augmented reality in some way has […]

CrashPlan to Phase Out Backup Solution to Home Customers

Image: Adobe Stock | Server Room

Code42, the owners of Crash Plan, announced this week they are phasing out the Home subscription plan to their backup service. This includes the popular computer-to-computer backup feature which is not available on the small business and enterprise editions of CrashPlan. The company stopped selling new Home subscriptions this week and will not renew expiring […]

Samsung Launches Voice Capabilities for Bixby in U.S.

Image: Samsung | Bixby on Samsung Smartphone S8

Samsung announced today that the voice-based feature of Bixby would be available starting today on Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices. You no longer need to know Korean to use Bixby; it now understands English. While the Samsung smart speaker may still be some time away, the inclusion of Bixby on U.S. late model smartphones shows […]