Zendesk Releases Research on The Power of Influencing Customer Loyalty

Zendesk Customer Loyalty

Zendesk, Inc. released the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, analyzing how businesses can drive customer loyalty, what matters most to people when they engage with businesses, and what differentiates leading companies from their competitors. The annual report is based on global survey results and the Zendesk Benchmark, an index of product usage data from […]

93% of Online Retailers Forget Their Customers After Checkout

customer checkout

Nobody wants to feel used by others. Unfortunately, many online retailers have the tendency to make their customers feel this way after checkout. According to parcelLab’s new research, 93% of the UK’s top 100 fashion retailers end communication with their customers immediately after they have checked out. Meanwhile, 99% of these retailers don’t send tailored […]

Global Brands Respond to Fewer Than One in Ten Customer Reviews


Uberall, the ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience expert, today released its global benchmark report, “The Reputation Management Revolution,” analysing the Google My Business profiles of 64,000 business locations across the UK, the U.S.A., Germany, and France, and how review ratings and responsiveness to reviews impact consumer engagement. Global brands have seen a dramatic shift in consumer […]

UK Consumers Fighting Back Against Online Retailers That Don’t Deliver

angry shoppers

UK, London, 15th August 2019 – UK consumers are fighting back against online retailers that fail to deliver, a new research report into what the UK public expects from retailers when shopping online has found. The report, titled ‘Are online retailers delivering for customers’?, from global commerce services company, PFS, found that more than six in ten (64%) online […]

Zendesk launches new WhatsApp for Zendesk integration

Zendesk WhatsApp

Zendesk announced WhatsApp for Zendesk, a new WhatsApp Business API connector, that allows businesses to quickly and easily reach and respond to WhatsApp users. Zendesk offers one of the most trusted messaging solutions which pulls in all customer conversations into a cohesive interface across the web, mobile, and social messaging. With these enhanced capabilities, Zendesk […]

Should small businesses actually use live chat for customer service?

Live chat | customer service

As a small business, you may struggle with customer service and customer retention. They are the two essential elements of any business. Since customers are becoming demanding, it is daunting to keep them with instant access. However, you must thank the live chat software – As they provide the right tool for the customers just […]

Zendesk releases new self-service experience with expanded AI-powered solutions

Zendesk announced the expansion of Answer Bot across all web and mobile channels, allowing companies to provide always-on support and faster responses for consumers with AI-powered self-service. Supporting the growing demand for customer-centric solutions, Zendesk also announced new capabilities for its Guide Enterprise knowledge management product that helps customer experience teams leverage automation and AI […]

Live Chat Customer Service 101: How to Grow Your Online Business

At the end of 2017, consumers spent about $100 billion dollars on the retail e-commerce market alone. But that’s why you’re here. You want a chunk of that $100 billion dollars. Surely, there is a lot of customers that want to spend money online. And we’ll show you how live video chat for retail business […]

Zendesk Joins Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program

Zendesk expands its services for Shopify clients by offering more integrations and services to Shopify merchants. Fully integrated customer service solutions are a must have now for almost all sizes of eCommerce merchants. It is no longer acceptable to just rely on simple email exchange to do business online. Proper tracking and follow up on […]

Zendesk Introduces New Features Including an Answer Bot

While many of the features offered in this release seem to be aimed at larger businesses, or at least larger small businesses, the answer bot function may be one of those interesting items that could work well for small businesses. Press Release from Zendesk Zendesk redefines customers relationships, creating beautifully simple software for more than […]