Selling Cross Border with Newegg


For a number of years, Cross Border Trade has been an enormous opportunity for eCommerce businesses and to this day the opportunity is showing no signs of slowing down. Our friends over at Newegg and World First have teamed up to produce a fantastic Whitepaper talking about the rise of the marketplace and the global […]

Amazon to Block Australians from U.S. and UK Marketplaces

Last year we reported on Australia’s government delaying a new rule to collect GST on overseas orders under $1,000 until July 1, 2018. READ MORE: Australian Government Delay GST Ruling for eCommerce Sellers eBay and Alibaba had threatened to geo-block Australian consumers from making overseas purchases if this ruling was going to become law. There was […]

Softbank Agrees to Sell Entire Stake in Flipkart to Walmart

Just after Walmart had officially confirmed they agreed to purchase a 77 percent stake in India’s Flipkart for $16 billion, Softbank, a significant investor in Flipkart, appeared to have second thoughts about selling its stake in the Indian marketplace. For nearly two weeks there had been no news on this front, but it now appears […]

Welden Handbags Soars High In The Chinese Market

Welden handbag on TaoBao

Welden handmade handbags produced almost $300,000 worth of revenue during its two-day live-streaming event on Taobao. Sandy Friesen’s rising handbag company first attempted to penetrate the Chinese market in November where it attracted at least 808,000 views and 4.06 million likes on its first day alone. “We were a U.S. brand that has been trying […]

Thought Starter: Three simple strategies to begin selling globally

Reaching an international target audience online should be a goal for any SME attempting to improve revenue and build more returning customers. With the rise of eCommerce, it’s important to know how to best use digital and online channels. Here are a few tips, especially for new businesses just entering the eCommerce world and wanting […]

DHL Releases Report on How B2B Must Embrace eCommerce Strategies

DHL Express, in partnership with the Cranfield School of Management, has released a white paper looking at the key features of B2B business successfully embracing cross-border eCommerce. “We have seen B2C e-commerce grow at a faster pace than most other industry sectors in recent years, with premium cross-border shipments growing from 10% to more than […]

DHL Releases “Global Trade Barometer” Index To Measure Economic Growth

DHL recently launched a new early indicator that measures the current and future state of global trade. The Global Trade Barometer was created in partnership with Accenture and will be released quarterly to help provide essential analytics for companies. “While precognition is reserved for science fiction, successful business leaders today can rely on economic data […]

The Asia Pacific Region is a Thriving Market for eCommerce

Omni-channel disruptor SEKO Logistics says European retailers should start expanding their eCommerce market to the Asia Pacific region as Asia and Australasia collectively have the biggest eCommerce growth market globally. “The U.S. is a mature market and Asia is starting to see shifts in buying behavior… There is a misconception that [the] Asia Pacific is […] Commits to Selling £2 Billion of UK Products to Chinese Consumers

In one of the few positive outcomes by UK PM Theresa May’s visit to China, announced they committed to selling UK products in China over the next two to three years. Here is The Full Press Announcement from From luxury British couture and tea, to chocolate, beauty products, home appliances and other items, […]

How the eCommerce in Thailand Evolved Over the Last Year

Thailand eCommerce

According to eIQ Data, the number of online shoppers in Thailand are expected to reach 14 million by 2021, which may result in a potential revenue of over $11 billion. According to Google, Southeast Asia’s internet economy is estimated to reach $200 billion by 2025. Fashion eCommerce has seen some strong players rise for the […]