Hootsuite Reveals 2020 Marketing and Social Trends

Hootsuite, a leading social media management service with over 18 million customers has released its Social Media Trends 2020 report. The company’s fourth annual report on global trends in social media reveals the biggest opportunities for brands to deliver winning social marketing strategies in the coming year. “The new year is a time to refocus […]

Bridge the Communication Gap With ActiveCampaign’s Predictive Content

ActiveCampaign, the leader in customer experience automation, recently launched Predictive Content and made it available in beta for the platform’s Professional and Enterprise customers. The product is a new machine learning feature that predicts the most engaging message for each individual being emailed based on only a handful of user inputs. This is ActiveCampaign’s second […]

Study Shows Social Influencers Are Replacing Traditional Ad Agencies

Social Influencer

Brands are using social media influencers more than traditional creative agencies to sell their products, according to the historical data released by IZEA Worldwide, Inc., an online marketplace that connects marketers with content creators. The data, which includes the rates of micro-influencers and celebrities, showed the average costs for sponsored blog posts, Instagram posts, Facebook […]

Shopify Introduces New Email Marketing Tool

Shopify recently launched Shopify Email, an email marketing tool designed to help entrepreneurs build meaningful relationships with their customers in an increasingly crowded commerce landscape. Last year, the Canadian ecommerce company made digital marketing easier and consolidated the tools every business needs in one place with Shopify Marketing, so that you don’t have to be […]

Facebook Nearing 2.5 Billion Active Users – 32% Of World Population


Facebook could reach 2.5 billion daily active users (DAU) by the end of 2019. This is according to a recent report released by the financial site LearnBonds. For this to happen, Facebook’s DAU should grow by 3.56% before the end of the year to reach that goal. Facebook To Reach 32% Of The World Population This […]

Only 31% of Consumers Shop Through Social Media

social media shopping

Social media has long replaced face-to-face interaction, not to mention the way marketeers promote their products. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are just some of the most popular social media platforms that have become many people’s source of news and information on an array of topics. Still, they fail to attract online shoppers, reveals a new […]

How to Improve Your Ecommerce Project Using Google AdWords

Google Search

There are lots to be said about Google AdWords. Some entrepreneurs decide to abandon it altogether and focus on entirely different prospects. However, Google Ads can be extremely useful, especially for those who do not have a budget for SEO or hiring influencers. On top of that, you can also make use of a free […]

Are Smaller Brands Being Held To Ransom By Google Ads?

Google Ads

Back in the day it was pretty safe to assume that you would naturally rank well organically on Google for your own brand name and your ad spend could be spent on keywords and phrases that your target audience would be looking for. What appears to be happening though is Brands are being forced to […]

Facebook Improves Ad Features on Shopping Platforms

Facebook ads

Facebook is busy preparing its shopping platforms for the holidays by testing two advertising options that will simplify the shopping experience of online shoppers. The first of the two is an in-app checkout feature for dynamic ads. According to the social media giant, this allows users to purchase an item directly from a Facebook ad […]

ActiveCampaign opens office in Dublin Ireland to serve European market

ActiveCampaign Dublin Ireland Opening

ActiveCampaign is opening an office in Dublin, Ireland, establishing a headquarters for the company in Europe. This new office will support its growing customer base on the continent. The company expects its Dublin presence to expand to over 200 employees. Initial hires will focus on support, sales, customer success, and marketing. Since ActiveCampaign announced its […]