Black Friday & Cyber Monday – The Numbers

Black Friday Cyber Monday The Numbers

It is always fascinating to see just how busy the Thanksgiving weekend is every year in terms of eCommerce traffic and sales.

For many online retailers it truly kickstarts their holiday season and also tests business and logistics processes to the max.

Amazon have already announced that Cyber Monday 2019 was their busiest day ever, surpassing 2018 numbers.

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To get some more insight into last weekends sales period we spoke to our friends over at Feedvisor. Feedvisor are an AI powered business intelligence tool, and they have shared with us some interesting stats for Black Friday and Cyber Monday which we are now sharing with you.

The Statistics

  • Consumers shopped earlier this year: Cumulatively, the seven days prior to Thanksgiving Day 2019 saw a 13% increase in Amazon sales compared to the same seven days in 2018.
  • black fridayBlack Friday ads drove 69% more Amazon sales than ads on Thanksgiving Day: Feedvisor’s customers spent 53% more on Amazon ads on Black Friday vs Thanksgiving Day
  • Consumers spent on average 2x more on Black Friday vs Thanksgiving Day: Feedvisor’s data shows that Amazon sales on Black Friday were 135% higher than last month’s average. Overall, sales were up 17% on Black Friday 2019 compared to 2018.
  • Amazon sales and profits soared on the first two days of Cyber 5*: Compared to last year, Feedvisor’s customers saw a 25% increase in Amazon profits on Thanksgiving and a 27% increase in profits on Black Friday.
    *Cyber 5 are the 5 days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday
  • Increased holiday ad spend is driving sales on Amazon: Combined ad spend from Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday 2019 was 22% higher than last month’s average, and combined sales from ads were up by 36%.
  • Across Feedvisor’s customers: Holiday Five sales on Amazon were 12% higher and profits were 23% higher in 2019 than the same five day period in 2018
  • Compared to last month’s average sales: Sales on Amazon during the Holiday Five period were 86% higher

Cyber Monday Specifics

  • Cyber Monday 2019: Sales on Amazon were 18% higher and profits were 25% higher than 2018
  • Shopify Black Friday Cyber MondayMonday is THE Day: Sales on Amazon on Cyber Monday were 38% higher than sales on Black Friday, as well as 180% higher than sales on Thanksgiving Day
  • Amazon Ad Spend: Compared to Cyber Monday 2019, Amazon ad spend was significantly higher on both Black Friday (152%) and Thanksgiving Day (65%).
  • Amazon Ad Sales: Ad-driven sales on Amazon were nearly 2x higher on Black Friday (182%) and 67% higher on Thanksgiving Day than they were on Cyber Monday.

It is clear that the consumer appetite for deals is continuing to grow year on year and whilst Cyber Monday is still the big day for online, the Cyber 5 are all seeing significant traffic and sales online, which asks the question will the physical ‘Doorbusting’ soon be a thing of the past?

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