BigCommerce And BloomReach Partner To Extend Content And Commerce Capabilities

BigCommerce, the leading SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, today announced a strategic partnership with BloomReach, a recognised leader in the digital experience (DXP) space.

The aim of the partnership is to bring best-of-breed content-led commerce solutions to the tens of thousands of merchants looking to more seamlessly connect their content and commerce experiences.

BigCommerce and BloomReach will work closely with award-winning digital agency BORN Group to deliver BigCommerce for BloomReach.

This collaboration combines BloomReach’s open-source content management system and AI-powered Search & Merchandising with BigCommerce’s highly-extensible SaaS ecommerce engine.

In turn offering merchants globally a better way to build immersive, content-rich, personalised brand experiences and robust commerce functionality at scale.

“Working with BloomReach and BORN, BigCommerce is amplifying what’s possible for mid-market and enterprise merchants that want to prioritize content and experience, but have complex business needs that necessitate a more advanced commerce solution.”

“Even more exciting, all three companies have established a secondary home in the UK, making this partnership especially useful for international merchants who, until now, have lacked a strong SaaS solution that can effortlessly blend content, commerce and experience.”

MaryAnn Bekkedahl, senior vice president of business development for BigCommerce

Connector Benefits

Through this connector, BigCommerce’s commerce capabilities can be integrated directly into the BloomReach platform, giving merchants with a BloomReach Starter Store a template for website customization as well as access to content publishing, site analytics and multichannel commerce capabilities.

In addition, merchants using BigCommerce for BloomReach can leverage BloomReach Search and Merchandising to surface more relevant, personalised content to customers and site visitors.

“We live in a world where experience is quickly gaining importance over price and product, but all too often retailers struggle to create online experiences that are as powerful to the consumer as the ones they are having in a physical store.”

“Building off BigCommerce’s headless capabilities gives us the ability to provide retailers the very thing they’ve been searching for: a design-first commerce solution that promises their customers an engaging, personalised online buying experience.”

Patrick Finn, head of global channels at BloomReach

BigCommerce for BloomReach is expected to be widely available for merchants beginning in Q2.

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