Barclaycard Becomes Payments Partner in UK for BigCommerce

BigCommerce and Barclaycard Partnership

BigCommerce announced that Barclaycard is now its UK payments partner for growing ecommerce platform supporting small-, mid-size, and established online sellers around the world.

The partnership will allow BigCommerce merchants to take payments through a trusted, secure and compliant expert while also delivering frictionless customer transactions

Freeing retailers from sourcing and working with a third-party payments provider means they can set up their payments system within days rather than weeks or months

Barclaycard, which processes almost 40 percent of card transactions in the UK, has announced a new partnership with ecommerce platform BigCommerce to introduce an integrated, cutting-edge payments solution for online retailers across the UK and Europe.

BigCommerce provides a customizable SaaS platform for online retailers to manage their ecommerce operations, built to support businesses as they grow.

The platform allows merchants to provide customers a personalized, frictionless digital experience across all channels, including web and mobile. BigCommerce provides sellers with a cost-effective range of unique tools to get started and grow through flexible content front ends and a secure back end, as well as dedicated support at every step of a business’s evolution.

The new partnership will see Barclaycard’s infrastructure integrate directly into the BigCommerce platform, which will allow merchants to have their payments system set up within days rather than weeks or months, with a dedicated support team from the start.

Benefits for Online Retailers

Barclaycard allows retailers to accept payments in ways that best suit both them and their customers, while also allowing sellers to adapt to check-out preferences in new markets, especially in Europe, where Barclaycard is the second-largest payments provider.

Barclaycard and BigCommerce are already exploring ways to grow the partnership, such as integrating Barclaycard’s best-in-class fraud detection and security services, as well as offering access to products that help navigate industry-wide regulation, such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

With these integrations, sellers will be able to provide seamless and straightforward check-out experiences, without compromising on security. Ultimately, this will enable BigCommerce merchants to focus on growing their business, not their infrastructure.

“Customer experience is critical for all online retailers, and that’s why so many sellers turn to BigCommerce. Our partnership will ensure that merchants can deliver the seamless shopping and payments experience their customer’s demand, safe in the knowledge they can receive support from BigCommerce and Barclaycard every step of the way. We’re thrilled to be bringing a more streamlined service to so many ecommerce businesses, helping them to continue to grow.”


Nicole Olbe, Managing Director of Partnerships at Barclaycard

Mark Adams, General Director, BigCommerce Europe, adds, “Trust, particularly during the payment process, is an integral part of the relationship between merchant and consumer.”

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