Apple, Google and Amazon are the World’s Most Valuable Brands

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Their ability to address the changing needs and behaviors of consumers landed Apple, Google and Amazon the top three spots in Interbrand’s list of top 100 brands.

apple HQAccording to the consultancy firm’s Best Global Brands 2018 report, Apple’s brand value of $214 billion kept it at the No. 1 position, Google’s $155 billion brand valuation held it to second place, while Amazon’s brand value of $101 billion helped it climb to third place from fifth in 2017.

Apple and Google have been in the lead for six consecutive years, says Interbrand, while noting that Amazon is clearly the fastest-growing brand, not to mention the most customer-centric company.

“When people order household goods 24/7 from Amazon Prime, watch Prime TV shows, party at Prime Live Events, order clothes from subscription service Prime Wardrobe, or purchase sustainably-sourced groceries from recently-acquired Whole Foods, the company analyzes consumers’ interaction data, and then uses it to continually customize and enhance the Amazon experience for every single customer.” – Interbrand Report

A fast-growing newbie

Aside from Amazon, the report also cited Netflix as an ever-evolving brand that has not only changed the TV landscape, but also become one of the world’s “most successful content creators.”

The Internet streaming service provider first appeared in Interbrand’s top 100 list last year and was ranked #78; this year it ascended to #66.

Other potential newbies named in the report were Spotify (#92) and Subaru (#100).

Here are the world’s 10 most valuable brands in 2018:

  1. Apple ($214bn)
  2. Google ($155bn)
  3. Amazon ($101bn)
  4. Microsoft ($93bn)
  5. Coca-Cola ($66bn)
  6. Samsung ($60bn)
  7. Toyota ($53bn)
  8. Mercedes-Benz ($49bn)
  9. Facebook ($45bn)
  10. McDonald’s ($43bn)

Which companies lost their brand’s worth?

Interbrand ranks the success of a company based on how it responds to the needs and expectations of its customers.

Although many companies did better this year than the last, there were some that slid down the rankings.

Facebook, which continues to be hounded by security issues, was one of the unfortunate brands whose value declined. It slipped to the ninth spot after five years of running alongside the world’s top brands.

Still, the social media giant is luckier than Tesla, Thomson Reuters, Moët & Chandon, and Smirnoff, who were in the top 100 brands last year, but not this year.

Interbrand said many of this year’s top performers are subscription based businesses, accounting for 29% of the top 100 brands.

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