Amazon’s Treasure Truck Visiting More Cities

Amazon Treasure Truck

The Amazon Treasure Truck is making its way to more cities in the U.S.

After its initial run in Seattle last year, it will be coming to other U.S. cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.

What is the Amazon Treasure Truck?

The Amazon Treasure Truck has a variety of items being sold. It can have laptops, books and other gadgets for a discounted price.

It also offers other types of items aside from gadgets and tech. The expanded range of the Amazon Treasure Truck brings Amazon closer to people by being in the neighborhood where they are.

The truck has been a hit in Seattle where it started.

amazon logo

To attract people, Amazon has employed cosplayers and every now and then offer people a free bag of chips.

The items that are to be found on the Treasure Truck on a given day are picked by Amazon itself.

In order to know what the Treasure Truck has to offer, people should text TRUCK to 24193. A message will be sent that lists the items that would be available for that day.

In order to buy, a mobile app is needed to choose the item and then it can be picked up from the Treasure Truck.

The patent for the Treasure Truck was filed back in 2015. As Amazon itself has stated, the name has been chosen simply because another name they want to use for it has already been taken.

While the cities where the Treasure Truck would be going have already been named, Amazon won’t disclose where exactly it will go on a given day, possibly in order to add some mystery and excitement as to where it would be found.

With the Amazon Treasure Truck, it is another way to bring Amazon closer to people. Amazon has been expanding to different territories, and the Treasure Truck is another way for the company to add even more presence in many areas.

Have you ever visited a treasure truck? Will you be hoping to pay a visit to one this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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