Amazon’s Private Labels Driven By Device And Fashion Sales

Image: Amazon | Amazon Basics Batteries
Image: Amazon | Amazon Basics Batteries

Amazon sells products that people aren’t actually aware that are owned by the company. These brands though are doing well even if they’re not readily identified to be Amazon owned product lines.

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While they may not be identified as such, they are still doing really well. These brands that have been growing include Scout + Ro, Elements and devices such as the Kindle, Fire TV and Echo.

Amazon Private Labels Growth

One of the top performers among the private labels is AmazonBasics. This is a line of batteries and has been accounted for about one third of battery sales online last year.

Scout + Ro Amazon Private Labels

Others on that line include HDMI cables and phone chargers have also seen incredible sales figures. Pet supplies, office accessories and others have been selling well for Amazon. All in all, the group of products under AmazonBasics helped Amazon earn over $200 million for the first half of 2017.

Another line that is doing well for Amazon is Amazon Elements, which includes their baby wipes product range.

Last year it was just third behind Huggies and Pampers in sales. Amazon Elements has grown by 266% year-by-year, as reported by Fortune.

Amazon Elements now has added health supplements to go along with the baby wipes. So far the health supplements have been holding on its own, earning over $2 million.

Amazon has been seen moving into other businesses recently. It has started its own fashion line Lark + Ro, which is a women’s fashion line.

It also has men’s dress shirts in Buttoned Down. This expansion shows more potential growth for Amazon in the coming months ahead. The greatest growth from this area comes from the kids’ fashion line though, Scout + Ro. A 542% growth year-by-year has been seen over the most recent year comparison.

lark & ro private labels

Most of the private labels have been growing well for Amazon, though some such as bedding and bath brand Pinzon has sold less than it did last year. Despite some not performing as desired, Amazon isn’t likely to slow down with its private labels anytime soon.

Amazon are clearly seeing huge success with private label products.  Is this something you do in your business or are tempted to explore? Let us know in the comments below.

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