Amazon Web Services Acquires CloudEndure – Confirmed

Amazon Web Services (AWS) acquires Israeli tech startup CloudEndure that specializes in cloud backup, disaster recovery, and migration services.

The transaction was rumored for several days by media outlets in Israel and confirmed today with a statement on CloudEndure’s website.

“As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2016, CloudEndure has long joined forces with AWS to help customers future-proof their businesses. This acquisition expands our ability to deliver innovative and flexible migration, backup, and disaster recovery solutions.”

CloudEndure Statement

Israeli media outlets estimate the deal to be worth about $200 to $250 million Dollars.

CloudEndure offers a suite of business IT services helping with preventing data loss and downtime from human errors, network failures and external threats.

Shoppers and Amazon Marketplace Merchants may remember that Amazon’s Prime Day in 2018 was off to a rough start with access issues that delayed many shoppers from reaching the site for hours.

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Presumably, CloudEndure could provide technology solutions to help avoid such problems and also benefits many AWS customers migrating to Amazon AWS from different cloud providers.

For marketplace merchants, especially those that use Amazon FBA, any improvements to the AWS infrastructure is a huge benefit to avoid costly access issues to the Amazon shopping website.

Internally, Amazon’s shopping sites are Amazon AWS biggest client.

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