Amazon Surprises With Pre Black Friday Sale Weekend – Targeting Singles’ Day?

Amazon pre black friday deals

Interesting news today from Amazon, who have announced a surprise deals weekend just 2 weeks before Black Friday week.

Amazon UK DealsWe are expecting Amazon to replicate what they have done in previous years and offer an extended Black Friday deals week, potentially over 8 days instead of 7, which is why it is interesting that they have opted to run a weekend promotion so close to the main shopping period of the calendar year.

The Amazon US site is advertising the weekend promotion as “Happy Holiday Deals” whereas in the UK the same promotion is labelled as “The Hidden Gems Sale” and is advertised as running from the 8th to the 12th November.

Is Amazon Competing With Singles’ Day?

With Amazon famously dominating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday space for years it raised the question what are they doing with this weekend sale so early?

The obvious answer is to compete with Singles’ Day.

Earlier this week it was announced how a survey conducted in China found out that due to Political reasons the Chinese population would be snubbing American brands.

By doing their deals weekend over Singles’ Day (11/11) Amazon are giving western sellers the opportunity to make the most of increased web traffic over this weekend and potentially bring more sales to their sellers.

Amazon are obviously not competing with AliBaba with the Singles’ Day brand and awareness, and whilst seemingly encouraging sales for itself and their third party sellers they are also being careful not to drive awareness or traffic to their competitors in the East.

When it comes to sales periods Singles’ Day massively outperforms Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. In 2018 Black Friday sales totalled $6.2 Billion, Cyber Monday totalled $7.9 Billion. Singles’ Day however hit a huge $30.8 Billion in GMV.

Is Amazon looking to take a slice of the Singles’ Day pie? Let us know what you think in the comments down below or over in our Facebook Group.

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