Amazon to Provide FBA Sellers Details to Massachusetts Department of Revenue


Breaking news from Amazon USA this afternoon that the Department of Revenue in Massachusetts has demanded that they hand over the third party sellers details  “who stores, or who has stored, any tangible personal property in any location in Massachusetts that is, or was, owned or leased by Amazon Retail LLC or any other affiliated entity after January 1, 2012.”

Amazon Forced to Hand Over Details

Below we have a copy of the email that Amazon has sent out to the affected sellers this afternoon.

Amazon Massachusetts

Does This Affect Overseas Sellers

At this time it is unclear whether overseas sellers who have held stock in the Massachusetts Fulfilment Centres will be affected by this and whether Amazon will provide the details over overseas businesses.

As we covered in an earlier article and video regarding sales tax liabilities in the U.S. for overseas sellers it is a tough task to monitor all the sales across the different states with their individual tax rules.

We will keep you posted on what this means as more information comes apparent.

What is also unclear is whether this will create a precedent for other states to follow suit in a bid to capture missed sales tax from Amazon’s FBA sellers.

Our Advice, Get Expert Advice

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As we always say here at eSellerCafe, we are not tax or legal experts and in instances like this you should always seek advice from those who’s business is this business.

We highly recommend the lovely people over at TaxJar who have written a much more in depth breakdown on this subject here.

Go and check them out and get in touch if you feel that you are going to be affected by this news from Amazon.

Also let us know in the comments section below if you are or will be affected by this.

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