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Amazon Prime Pantry Service is Gone

Amazon has officially discontinued its Prime Pantry service. When searching for Prime Pantry products, the company now displays a message on its site stating, “Amazon Pantry has been discontinued. Now shop Pantry bestsellers alongside other grocery and household essentials.”

Originally launched in 2014, Prime Pantry was one of Amazon’s early attempts to gain traction in the grocery segment as the service mostly offered shelf-stable food items and household essentials.

Prime Pantry’s approach was to allow members to select eligible products that could fit into one large box and have it delivered for a flat $5.99 fee. Members could order as many items as could fit in the box, making the box size the “order limit” of the service. Also, the delivery time of Prime Pantry was usually longer than standard Prime products.

In exchange for using Prime Pantry, Amazon offered additional discounts on the Prime Pantry eligible items. But Prime Pantry items were cataloged separately on the platform which could cause some confusion as the same items could appear twice in search results, one being the regular catalog item and one being the Prime Pantry item.

Prime Pantry Seemed to Struggle

Prime Pantry seemed to struggle to gain traction as Amazon often ran promotions for free delivery of Prime Pantry items if a minimum order was met.

Also, the selection of products was a little underwhelming and the delivery time would be longer than most Amazon Prime orders, especially lately with the company offering more next-day delivery products as it continues to expand its logistics network.

But probably the biggest issue with Prime Pantry was that it competed against another Amazon service, Subscribe & Save, which is a somewhat similar concept. While Subscribe & Save is limited to one delivery per month, there is no order size restriction and customers can get up to a 15% discount on Subscribe & Save deliveries, and free delivery.

The number of products that are eligible for Subscribe & Save also seems to keep growing, making it a much better option to get those everyday products delivered on a regular schedule.

Prime Pantry was also one of the services Amazon had to temporarily halt last year as it struggled to maintain its logistics operations during the initial run-up of the COVID pandemic. Maybe shoppers didn’t miss it when it came back online, potentially adding the final nail in its coffin.

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