Amazon Prime Day Off To A Rough Start With Website Issues

Final Update 5:30am on July 17

At around 3pm on Monday, Amazon’s website design changed to highlight Prime Deals, but the front page of the was plagued with broken links.

Specifically, a large button in the middle of the screen (see main post article image) stating “SHOP ALL DEALS” seemed to create the biggest problem.

When users clicked on that button, the site would go to another page that only again provided an even more basic Prime Day splash screen but again with another non-functional “SHOP ALL DEALS” button.

Mobile users also had problems accessing the site with a similar problem and sometimes even received the “SORRY, something went wrong on our end” error page.

Throughout the two hours that Amazon’s site seemed really broken, the company appeared to “repair” the main page by adding more product links and category links.

At least that allowed users to shop the site and enter searching out other bargains.

At 4:59pm, Amazon on Twitter posted a message acknowledging issues that customers were having accessing the site, but only stated it was working to repair the problem.

Sometime after this tweet, the company appeared to have mostly restored full functionality of the Prime Day splash site, but on for most of the night, it was still lacking the “SHOP ALL DEALS” button as displayed on the original non-functioning page.

Users had to click on the upper half of the site (on the animation part) the site will load the Prime Day deals page. Now that button is back and Amazon started tweeting again about Prime Day deals around Midnight EST.

It seems the site is fully fixed now for desktop and mobile users in the U.S.

When the problem started, we checked in on international sites such as,,,, and and they all seemed to function fine.

On its Twitter account, Amazon did not provide any more updates regarding this problem, so hopefully, this is resolved now and shoppers can search for and purchase Prime Deal bargains.

Egg On Face

Certainly, this kind of technical failure is not expected from Amazon, especially since they own one of the most advanced cloud computing platforms. It is a bit of an egg-on-face moment for Amazon, but that Prime Day is still likely going to be a huge success.

Some third-party merchants may have lost sales if their pre-arranged bargains on the lightning deals were scheduled for the first few hours.

Amazon did not promise specific insertion times, and in its notice to merchants about providing bargains for Prime Day, it even required the availability of products for a sale period much longer than 36 hours.

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Did you notice any other issues shopping on Amazon besides the ones we mention here? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.


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