Amazon Prime Day 2017 – Top Selling Products

Image: Amazon | Amazon Prime Day
Image: Amazon | Amazon Prime Day
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Amazon Prime Day took place last week, and many people took advantage of that time to get good deals.

It has been a great success, which is really isn’t surprising as people will always be out for great deals, as well as it’s held by Amazon also.

Sales have improved over the last year, making for a 60 percent increase from last year. This ensures that Amazon Prime Day will definitely be around again next year.

This is especially since more people have signed up for Amazon Prime just for it. Purchases made by Amazon Prime members have also increased by 50 percent compared to the previous year.

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Amazon Products Best Sellers

Tech products seem to have been big sellers overall for Amazon Prime Day for this year. The biggest seller so far has been the Echo Dot.

Amazon Prime logo

Since it was Amazon Prime Day, the Echo Dot had a $15 discount to sell at $34.99 on that day. It didn’t hurt that the Echo Dot has been the most affordable version of the Amazon Echo as well.

Amazon’s Kindle also sold very well on Amazon Prime Day. Another product that sold well were Fire tablets. The 55-inch 4k Ultra HD Element smart LED TV has also been a big hit probably due to its Amazon compatibility.

Top selling products globally

In the UK, the biggest seller has been the TP Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug. Another big seller has been the PlayStation 4.

In the US, the biggest seller has been the Instant Pot DU080 7-in-1 programmable pressure cooker.

Japan seems to be on a health conscious spree, as the biggest sellers were SAVAS whey protein and the Happy Belly pure bottled water.

One factor that might have made this year’s Amazon Prime Day more successful is that it was held for 30 hours instead of the traditional 24 hours.

The Amazon Prime Day has been the biggest day for Amazon, being bigger than Black Friday or even Cyber Monday of previous years.

If you sell on Amazon did you notice an uplift in sales? If so let us know how you did down below.

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