Amazon Prime 2018 – By The Numbers

Amazon released early statistics about Amazon Prime for 2018.

These numbers highlight the importance for sellers who use the Amazon Marketplace to sell goods to use Amazon FBA.

  • More new members worldwide already signed up for Prime in 2018 than ever before (Amazon says there are over 100 million Prime members worldwide).
  • Number of countries that offer Amazon Prime now stands at 17.
  • Prime members worldwide ordered over two billion products with one-day delivery or faster in the last year.
  • Prime Members’ most popular purchase of the year in the U.S. was the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, followed by the Echo Dot.
  • Members went bananas for ultra-fast delivery. In fact, bananas were the top item purchased with Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.
  • The fastest delivery in the U.S. was 8 minutes in Berkeley, CA. The product was Hartz Home Protection Lavender Scent Odor-Eliminating Gel Dog Pads.

The Value of Prime

While the Prime Membership subscription in the U.S. has increased from $99 to $119 per year for standard household Prime, the value appears to continue to satisfy consumers.

In a recent study by eMarketer, Amazon’s market share of eCommerce rose more than any other major eCommerce company.

Even so Walmart took over the number three position in 2018 and eBay’s market share went down, Amazon’s market share still rose over 10 percent.

This is an incredible feat for an established company in an industry and shows the dominance Amazon has over its rivals.

It also shows the importance for marketplace sellers that Amazon’s Prime service is a key driver to sales and the easiest way to gain access to this coveted shopper is through Amazon FBA.

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The full press release with more Amazon Prime details about entertainment products and full list of top sellers is available here.

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