Amazon Opens New Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Air Hub in October

Ten months after tapping the Fort Worth Alliance Airport as its new regional air hub, Amazon announced that the facility will start operations next month and create 300 full time jobs.

Source: Amazon

The air hub, which is the first of its kind in the Amazon Air network, will be used to support the online retail giant’s larger scale regional needs, including package sortation and handling of multiple flights daily.

“We are excited to start flying to and from our new facility at the Fort Worth Alliance Airport very soon – this facility will allow us to offer even more selection and faster delivery to our customers. This is our latest investment in Texas and we look forward to hiring top talent from the local community.” – Sarah Rhoads, Vice President, Amazon Global Air

The New Dallas-Fort Worth air hub will include daily flights to speed up the delivery service of Amazon and ensure its customers receive their packages faster.

The company currently operates more than 45 aircraft in over 20 air gateways across the country. Its central air hub is set to open at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in 2021.

Should Traditional Couriers Be Worried?

The two largest courier companies in the USA are UPS and FedEx, and both over the years have done a huge amount of work with Amazon for their order deliveries.

However logistics is something which Amazon are taking increasingly seriously with their numerous warehouses and now air hub’s too.

FedEx announced last month that they were ending their ground delivery contract with Amazon, most likely due to Amazon’s expansion into the logistics space.

How much faster can Amazon get at delivering packages through its new air hub? Should the other major couriers be worried with Amazon’s history of entering new markets and dominating? What do you think? Share it in the comments below or let us know in our Facebook Group.