Amazon Opens Its Third UK Pop-up Store in Scotland

Clicks and mortar

Amazon has opened its third UK Clicks and Mortar store in Scotland over the weekend, as part of its year-long initiative to build a high street presence for 100 small online businesses.

Amazon store
Source: Amazon

The new pop-up store, which is Amazon’s first in Scotland, launched at Waverley Mall in Edinburgh and will feature brands from 20 small online retailers. This collaboration between Amazon, Enterprise Nation, and mall owner Moorgarth aims to help online-only businesses in the country promote their brands and boost their sales.

“As well as providing these small online businesses with a physical space to trade for the first time, we’ll have advisers on hand from Scottish Enterprise to offer free advice on how to scale their businesses, both offline and online. We feel it’s important to ensure Clicks and Mortar stores benefit not just the small firms and their customers, but also the wider local economy.” – Emma Jones, Founder, Enterprise Nation

Clicks and Mortar

Amazon announced earlier this year that it will launch 10 pop-up stores under its Clicks and Mortar program across the UK; the first and second stores are located in Manchester and Cardiff, respectively.

For two consecutive weeks Scottish brands like Trtl, Wee Blue Coo, and Okay Cokey, just to name a few, will be able to promote their brands and interact with potential customers in a physical space.

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  1. Something certainly has to be done to help the high streets that’s for sure. Online gives you the choice and the convenience but not always the best deal or experience. We do not want to dehumanise too much in one go!


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