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According to numerous articles on German news sites, Amazon third-party marketplace sellers in Germany, U.K., Italy, and France are impacted by a technical glitch that is delaying standard payment requests by sellers.

Apparently, the story originated from complaints on a blog run by German eCommerce expert Mark Steier. His blog received numerous reports from sellers complaining about delays and stall messages by Amazon.

It has been confirmed by the Federal Association of Online Merchants (BVOH) and a strong statement by their legal counsel “advising” Amazon of its legal obligations.

Amazon apparently notified sellers that a technical problem is responsible for the payment delay. Mostly stating they are working to fix the issue and it should be resolved soon.

But some sellers complained they are owed funds that are over a week past due. Since many sellers are small businesses, this type of delay can have a significant impact on cash flow.

Especially concerning to sellers is that Amazon is not really explaining the issue.

They are also worried about the upcoming “Cyber Monday-Woche” (Cyber Monday-Week) as that is a major sales push by Amazon from which many marketplace sellers profit. Amazon’s “Cyber Monday-Woche” coincides with Black Friday week in the U.S.

Sellers are expressing a lot of frustration because a company of the size of Amazon, who supposedly has their technical side in order, can have such a huge problem. It has created distrust in their IT infrastructure and payment systems.

On Wednesday, some German sellers reported receiving payments. However, sellers that did receive payments held accounts in Deutsche Bank. Amazon in Germany disburses payments from Deutsche Bank.

As the news about this issue made the rounds in Germany, Amazon marketplace sellers from the U.K., Italy, and France complained about similar problems. Possibly expanding this issue beyond Germany!

This Problem Could hurt Amazon’s Push for Marketplace Sales

For the last year, Amazon has been pushing for more sellers to join the Amazon Marketplace program. In Europe, Amazon now makes it possible to have FBA inventory in different countries, thereby offering cross-border sales without any of the hassles.

Any glitch in the system, especially one involving bank transfers, is not going to sit well with third-party marketplace sellers. It is also a bit surprising that Amazon is unwilling to come out and publicly explain the problem.

A better communications approach by Amazon would quell rumors and nervousness by sellers. Let’s hope Amazon gets this fixed soon, and sellers can go back to working a strategy to improve sales instead of wondering about the status of their money.

If you are in Europe, please let us know in the comments section below if you have been impacted by this payment delay. Also if so, has Amazon reached out to you with more details on the problem and when they expect to have it fixed.

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