Amazon Looking To New Food Technology

amazon food technology

Amazon is getting ready to enter into the food industry. As it does so, it is looking at a new food technology that just might give it the edge over the stagnant competition.

This new technology will not require food to be refrigerated, which could be a big selling point to people. This new Amazon food technology has been developed for the U.S. military.

Amazon Food Using Military Technology?

This new food technology is called microwave assisted thermal sterilization, or MATS. It was developed at Washington State University. Bringing it into the consumer market would be 915 Labs.

The process involves putting sealed packs of food in pressurized water and then heating them with microwaves for several minutes. The method allows food to retain its natural flavor and texture then, unlike other food processes.

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While the method was developed at Washington State University, it was originally done by the U.S. Army’s Natrick laboratories more than a decade ago.

The object is to improve food quality for soldiers. Washington State then received government funding to further research on MATS. This is the new food technology that Amazon would want to get for its new market.

Amazon would be entering into the ready to eat market, which is lucrative especially in today’s busy world where convenience is king. These ready to eat dishes would include beef and vegetables.

The difference here is that it won’t require refrigeration. With food requiring no refrigeration time, delivery would be faster and storage time could even be much longer. Cost for such meals then would be much lower.

The food industry is a big market which Amazon hopes to capitalize in. Today, more people are looking for quick and easy meals to prepare as more people are much busier now.

Amazon already has AmazonFresh, so delivery would be handled in-house, which adds to more savings for the company.

This could also tie in with another expansion plan of Amazon food, which links to the acquisition of Whole Foods Market, Inc. The MATS technology is just one of the many innovations that Amazon is looking into as it continues to expand into different markets and territories.

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