Amazon Launches Home Shopping Channel With Amazon Live

Source: Amazon

Launched in the 80s, the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and QVC became household names for quirky 24/7 cable channels that pitch products on TV and interact live on-air with select shoppers.

On-air pitches of products usually are time limited and features a countdown clock to maximize sales. HSN and QVC perfected the concept of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) before that term became popular in social media circles.

While home shopping channels are still mostly known for their on-air presentations of products, the companies have expanded into online sales. However, usually the best deals are still only available while watching the channels live.

Here Comes Amazon

Now Amazon is entering the realm of home shopping channels with live streams called Amazon Live and a new app called Amazon Live Creator.

Amazon Live Creator is targeted at smaller brands to produce live programming from a mobile device to showcase their products and answer questions from viewers.

Currently, the app is only available for IOS devices. Also, sellers (or presenters) must be in the US and registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Unlike its cable channel competitors, Amazon Live is only available on its website, is not limited to one product at a time, and does not feature count-down timers to pressure sales.

The live streaming service is an odd mix of professionally produced live shows, DIY live programming, and on-demand viewing of previously aired shows.

Where Amazon plans to take this feature is a bit unclear.

The company rolled out Amazon Live with little fanfare and how many people really know it exists? As of this writing, there is not one promotion about Amazon Live on the Amazon home page.

To check out Amazon Live, go to, and decide for yourself if this is a real competitor to home shopping TV or just a quirky YouTube like mix of live and recorded product pitches.

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