Amazon Launches Amazon Care, A Virtual Medical Clinic For Employees

Amazon has launched a virtual health care service for its employees called Amazon Care.  At this time it is being run as a pilot program for employees based at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

There was no formal announcement of the news but the website is now live for the public to see.

Amazon expanding into healthcare?

This isn’t exactly new or unexpected, we reported last year how Amazon had been making roads into the healthcare industry and this looks like the first pilot program roll out to trial what it is they have been working on.

“We’re currently piloting a healthcare benefit designed to help Amazon employees get fast access to healthcare without an appointment, at the convenience of their schedules, at their preferred location (home, office, or virtual).

Amazon Care eliminates travel and wait time, connecting employees and their family members to a physician or nurse practitioner through live chat or video, with the option for in-person follow up services from a registered nurse ranging from immunizations to instant strep throat detection.” – Amazon Spokesperson

amazon logoAmazon Care will provide a mobile app that allows users to access virtual and in-person healthcare services from Oasis Medical. Oasis Medical is set to provide the following services:

Video Care: Have an in-app video visit with a doctor, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse (“clinicians”) for advice, answers, diagnoses, treatment, or referrals

Care Chat: In-app text chat connects you to a clinician in moments for health advice and answers

Mobile Care: Your Video Care provider may recommend an in-person assessment or treatment by a registered nurse (a “Mobile Care nurse”). With your approval, the provider will send a Mobile Care nurse to your home, a designated room on the Amazon campus, or any other location in our service area that you request. The Mobile Care nurse may collect lab samples, perform some onsite testing (such as strep tests), administer common vaccines, or perform physical examinations.

Care Courier: During a Video Care visit, you may be prescribed medications consistent with our current scope of services. Many prescriptions can be delivered to you within two hours. Others can be sent to your preferred pharmacy for pick up.

As the pilot is exclusively for Amazon employees based in certain Seattle postcodes right now it is unlikely we will hear of any public reviews of testimonials of this service, but you can bet Amazon will be watching and optimising the service closely with eyes on a wider roll out.

The following is the information that got sent out to Amazon employees:

Medical needs — from colds, to allergies, illnesses, and injuries — can strike at any moment, and scheduling appointments, sitting in waiting rooms and planning follow up services can take time and cause frustration. To help Amazon employees get excellent medical advice and help whenever it’s needed, we’re piloting a new program for employees and their dependents — Amazon Care. The benefit is currently in pilot form for a population of employees in the Greater Seattle area and we’re looking forward to helping build and scale the benefit to meet the needs of more employees in the months and years ahead.

Amazon Care is designed to help our employees and their families get access to a healthcare provider at any location (at home, at the office, or virtually), in real-time. It eliminates travel and wait time, connecting employees and their family members to a physician or nurse practitioner through live chat or video, with the option for in-person follow up services from a registered nurse ranging from immunizations to instant strep throat detection. Amazon provides competitive benefits that offer tangible value to our employees – from comprehensive health, vision, and dental benefits starting on an employee’s first day, to 401(k) matching, flexible parental leave including Ramp Back and Leave Share, adoption assistance, fertility support, our Employee Assistance Program, City of Hope, Rethink, and much more. Many of these services came out of small ideas and pilots and grew to be what they are today.

Are you interested in participating and want to see if you are eligible? You can learn more and request an invite to participate at (for the network). Family members of Amazon employees can learn more at

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