Amazon Halts Prime Pantry Service in The United States

Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon is halting new orders for its Prime Pantry service in the United States to allow the company to restock products in its warehouses.

“Due to high order volumes, Pantry is not accepting new orders at this time. This means that items listed as “Ships & Sold from Pantry” cannot be added to your cart. We apologize for this inconvenience, and are working with our partners to get these items back in stock as quickly as possible.”


Statement on Amazon Prime Pantry website

Customers that placed a Prime Pantry order recently and are waiting on delivery will still receive their shipment.

The company is not accepting any new Pantry orders and instead is asking customers to check Fresh, Whole Foods, and its regular website.

Amazon Prime Pantry is the service that offers many everyday products at a more competitive price but must be purchased together in one shipment.

Depending on the order total, Prime Pantry may charge a delivery fee.

This is the latest service restriction from Amazon as it struggles to maintain regular delivery schedules caused by panic buying from consumers due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Two days ago, Amazon restricted inbound shipments for Amazon FBA users to six major categories, which will have a significant impact on many small business sellers.

Threats of Martial Law Not Helpful

Also, it doesn’t help the situation that some politicians are openly suggesting to use Martial law “if we feel the necessity.” (California Gov. Gavin Newsom)

Such statements will only increase the panic buying and hoarding of products and further strain all re-supply services, online and offline.

Martial law is when civil laws are suspended and a military force is in charge. It’s exceptionally rare in the United States and the last time it was used was in 1954 in Russel Country, Alabama.

What do you think about Amazon Prime Pantry shutting down for the foreseeable future?

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