Amazon Expands eCommerce Footprint in Brazil

Amazon Brazil
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Amazon keeps the momentum going, propelling into areas where it sees potential growth like Brazil.

Just last week we covered how the big eCommerce giants were all getting involved in India but Amazon are now setting their sights once more on Brazil.

We even covered how a few months ago that if Miami was to become the target for Amazon’s HQ 2 then that would seriously align with their latin american growth ambitions.

The online retail giant announced recently that it’s tapping into the fashion and sportswear market of the country through its Brazilian site, where it plans to sell a wide range of products such as Grendene’s sandals, Alpargatas’ Havaianas flip flops, Levi’s jeans, and renowned brands like Gloria Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenco.

This is just part of a bigger plan to dominate Latin America’s eCommerce industry, which is estimated to be worth $79.7 billion by 2019,  according to Statista.

Why Brazil?

Amazon strategically picked Brazil as the starting point of its expansion in Latin America, being the market leader in the region with eCommerce revenues expected to hit $21.3 billion this year.

The country’s fashion market, in particular, is expected to increase to $10.9 billion by 2022, which represents a 10.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2018 and 2022.

Aside from clothes, accessories and footwear, Amazon also aims to boost the sales of its online books and consumer electronics on its Brazilian marketplace.

Earlier this year, word got around that the company was looking at buying a stake in Brazil-based online retailer Via Varejo, which is owned by the country’s largest supermarket chain GPA.

However, French newspaper Les Echos reported yesterday that Peter Estermann, chief executive officer at GPA, denied any ongoing negotiations with Amazon.

What do you think of the eCommerce giant’s expansion in Brazil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or over in the Facebook Group.

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