Amazon Customers Not Happy With Additional Fee Over Same Day Delivery

amazon prime same day delivery

Same day delivery is appreciated by many customers. This gets the orders to them at once, as well as reduce costs for sellers as well.

Amazon has same day delivery service, though recently customers aren’t happy about an aspect of it. For orders under £40, Amazon is charging an extra £3.99. That does not include a tip of £2 for the driver.

Amazon customers have been sending angry messages to the company’s Twitter feed. Many of those who are affected have orders under £40. The customers are Amazon Prime members who pay a fee of £79 annually for membership.

Amazon changes Same Day Delivery costs for Prime members

Customers are complaining about the additional delivery charge for its same day delivery service. There are complaints about having this additional fee for orders under £40 on top of the annual membership already being paid.

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Before this, Amazon had a minimum of £20 to get same day delivery service. While minimum order has gone down to £15, the additional charge to delivery is what’s riling customers.

There is much speculation that with this issue, Prime members might consider cancelling their membership and just go back to traditional supermarkets or stores to get their daily needs.

The advantage of being an Amazon Prime member is to order goods online, which is convenient for many, and then get same day delivery for it.

Amazon has yet to respond to any of the tweets. Amazon staff has not yet given any explanation about the additional charge to certain orders. The only action that the company did take is to direct customers to a help page about the charges.

The additional charge for orders under £40 are likely to offset costs in maintaining its same day delivery service. While the service has been great for many customers, keeping it going might be adding much expenses for the company.

Could Amazon maintain same day delivery service in the long run? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below.

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