Amazon Projects 22 Million Echo Smart Speakers To Be Sold This 2017

amazon echo

As 2017 draws to a close, Amazon is projecting that its Echo smart speakers will sell incredibly well for the year. Amazon predicts that 22 million units will be sold throughout 2017. By 2022, smart speakers in general are estimated to have sold 244 million units.

Last year, Amazon sold 11 million of the Echo. The projected number for 2017 is double that. Part of that demand comes from Amazon Prime members. With 48 million Amazon Prime members in the U.S., Amazon could very well reach its goal of doubling the number of buyers for the Amazon Echo.

The Echo devices show no signs of slowing down

Amazon Echo Voice-Enabled Devices

Smart home devices are being adopted by people more than ever. Already there are many who have some smart device in their homes, not just smart speakers. Smart speakers though are the most popular items so far. Smart bulbs and thermostats are also bought in increasing numbers.

However, while adoption is fairly quick, some factors are being seen to slow down. One factor that would slow down adoption is its cost. The high monthly cost for certain smart devices are making people reluctant in getting them. Privacy is also a concern for people, as some people feel that they have to share information in order to get the devices to work.

As technology moves forward though, prices are expected to go down. Improvements in technology as well as a more widespread availability would in time bring prices to a more reasonable level. That would mean then more people adopting the technology, which would then start a cycle of making smart devices more affordable for more people.

This trend has been seen Forrester, which has surveyed the number of people who would likely adopt smart devices. More people would be getting smart devices as they become widely available. It won’t just be speakers that would are bought, but other devices that could become digital assistants for the home.

What other devices do you think that would become smart devices for the home? Leave your suggestions below.

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